I am Sebastian.

I am a Berlin-born photographer who recently moved to the Göteburg area in Sweden, but is in Berlin on a regular basis.
My photographic journey led me through many countries, meeting many people, and working for interesting companies. It opened my perception and helped me learn, grow, and give. This is what I do.

Let's talk about your project.
"What do you want to do when you grow up?"

My answer wouldn't have been 'Photographer'. In fact, I did not know my answer for the longest time. I tried office jobs, became a metal singer, meditated, managed a craft beer bar, studied marketing, and traveled extensively. In these travels, naturally, I started photographing what I saw.

Years later I figured out, that combining all of the things I've done & learned results in what I love doing – creating photos, imagery, and ideas for people with a mission, a vision, a goal, or just a little spark, that help to move forward, achieve and create something that lasts.

Photography may seem superficial to some, but it goes way deeper than that: It has the power to boost confidence, capture memories for yourself and your loved ones, or help get ideas & products out to the right people.

"Sebastian really takes astonishingly authentic and breathtaking pictures: giving a glimpse into someone's soul in portraits or capturing nature in its most intricate forms and shapes.
Highly recommend!"

—Oliver K.

A collection of my clients: