More than just a face...

Portrait Photography

People want to see you.

Having a professional headshot helps boost your confidence as well as the confidence others have in your professional abilities. A great headshot ensures you're making the best impression possible, which will increase the value of your brand, yourself and the impact you are making on everybody who views it.

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"Sebastian really takes astonishingly authentic and breathtaking pictures: giving a glimpse into someone's soul in portraits or capturing nature in its most intricate forms and shapes. Highly recommend!"

—Oliver K.

Individual, authentic, & painless.

Everyone is unique. I want to take the time to give this uniqueness a visual expression.

You are an expert in your field? You want to network, get more clients, and further your career?

I want to help you on your path with great headshots, so you can make a flawless first impression.

Whether it's for your LinkedIn profile, CV, website, press photo, or your grandma – My headshots will make you look confident & open, evoke trust in yourself & your work, help you stand out from your competition, and are the central piece of your self-marketing-strategy.


  • Actors
  • Doctors
  • Corporate
  • Entrepreneurs
  • ... & much more


  • Make-Up-Artist
  • Videography
  • Professional Prints

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How should I behave in front of the camera?

Most of us are uncomfortable in front of the lens at first - that's normal. We will take our time, get some ease, and get some great results.

What should I wear?

If it's not there, I can't shoot it!
It's good to overpack. Solid colors are usually best - white, black, grey, red... But a nice jacket, sunglasses, whatever represents you and expresses what you would like to express, is welcome. It's often best to avoid busy patterns, but bring it if you think it represents you!

Do I need my make-up done?

The choice is completely up to you and depends on your goals, experience & budget. While it's definitely not necessary for many uses, it can give you a great boost in confidence.

How long does the shoot take?

A single session will take us usually 1-3 hours, with time not being my main priority. I will always take the time until you have something that you are proud of and LOVE to use.

Do you shoot on location?

Absolutely. In fact, I encourage my clients to do the shoot in their office or home – a safe & familiar environment.

Alternatively, shoots can happen outdoors, or in a studio.

When & how will I receive my images?

I usually deliver images within 3-7 days. Same-day delivery is available for an additional fee.

You will receive your images via a private online gallery in which you can comment, download, and share your photos directly from the platform.

How much do you charge?

The Session fee will be 200€ / 2200kr for a micro, or 380€ / 4200kr for a professional shoot. Both include your favorite image with a full retouch.

If you would like to keep more of our photos, you can purchase extra images for 50€ / 550kr per photo.

For companies
For more details about pricing & process, visit the 'Pricing' page.

Do you retouch my photos?


First I make sure to correct colors and make the overall look fitting to your needs, and after I remove obvious blemishes and temporary imperfections. My goal is to make you look your best, but stay natural & realistic.

What if I don't like my portrait?

We all have off-days. It happens.
While this never happened to me (I always found a way to get the 'goods' out!), I will offer you a second shoot for half the price.